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Building the Dream

Starting with a small set of apartment buildings, we have grown to residential and commercial high rises in the Queens area. We will create your dream home at a cost that meets your budget.


Ameir Ahmad

The 31-year-old mogul in the making, learned the tricks of the trade from his father, Mr. Shareef Ahmad, who has been a longstanding ace in the business sector for over 25 years. The eldest of four (4) siblings, Ameir found himself drawn to the business sector at an early age. Mirroring the example set by his father, who founded the family business with Sheriff Jewellery, a popular name in Guyanese households to this day.

Ameir, eager to learn, accompanied his father at the base of Sheriff Jewellery, in Stabroek Market. He then branched off and started his own cellphone store, acquiring a total of five (5) cellphones to begin with, vending to close friends and family. He then expanded to computers. The Ahmad duo decided it was time to level up and pooled their resources to procure a piece of land on Sheriff street in order to house the new and improved Sheriff Jewellery and later, Electronics City. They have since built from the ground up, several well-known businesses, Subs & Salads, The Italian Grill, Miami Pizzeria and most recently, Sheriff Security Services.

Ameir graduated from New York University in 2011, majoring in American History and minoring in Business Management. He was able to put his education to great use and managed to expand the Electronics City store from one (1) location to six (6) in just a four (4) year span.

Ameir sought to recruit a security firm to provide protection for his business as well as his home after an attempted robbery. Faced with the unwavering inefficiency of most security companies, Ameir ventured to start his own. One that he vowed would be different. He started small, providing security to friends, which in turn recommended him to their friends and little by little, Sheriff grew. Never satisfied with mediocrity, Ameir went from business to business and offered them proposals, slowly acquiring a vast number of Chinese contracts across Guyana, since they too were experiencing robberies on a regular basis.

Sheriff Security Services took the social media markets by storm and left the Guyanese population dazed by the level of professionalism which they exhibited. Today, Sheriff Security Services is the number one name in security providers across the country, offering services such as Cash in Transit, Diplomatic Escorts, Armed and Unarmed Guards to both private and commercial clients. Sheriff Security services employs a number of personnel who previously served in the military or the police force, giving them an edge above the competition. The company also offers training for those citizens who wish to become security officers.

Ameir also founded Sheriff Construction. This company uses state of the art machinery coupled with the latest technology to construct and design projects just the way clients envision them. Specializing in multi-story commercial buildings, schools, medical centers, public and private roads, and driveways etc, Sheriff Construction leaves no stone unturned. Upon realizing the scope of real estate and construction internationally, Ameir purchased Lenora Estates on the West Coast of Demerara for 5 million USD from his uncle. This project embodies Ameir’s vision to build low income housing and is set to see the construction of some 100 homes in Guyana which is slated to reel in approximately 25 million GYD per home. Today, Lenora Estates now stands at a value of $15 million USD.

He also founded Queensway Builders LLC in New York. Queensway Builders LLC started with a small set of apartment buildings and has since grown to residential and commercial high rises in the Queens, NY area. This company is now worth over $65 million USD.

Personifying philanthropy, Ameir Ahmad, through his companies, has made substantial donations to various cancer patients as well as non-profit organizations. During the 2020 election unrest, social media also saw Sheriff Security services lending a helping hand to residents who were affected by unruly protests, providing an emergency hotline for any and every citizen to call should they require help or fear any danger. The company was also commended for repairing the damaged vehicle of a nurse who was an innocent victim of a hate crime.

What is next for Ameir Ahmad? Sheriff Hotel & Casino. Set to be one of his biggest ventures yet, this project is expected to move the goal posts for hotel accommodation & casinos in Guyana. The avant-garde facility is slated to reel in a number of investors who have pledged their commitment to its evolution. The project is expected to cost $50 million USD, with the MOU already signed for construction. Ameir, through his contacts, successfully procured a loan from China Exim Import and Export Bank for the sizeable project.

Ameir Ahmad is no stranger to hard work and risk taking. At an early age he has accomplished a great deal, with so much more in store. As of October 2020, Ameir’s net worth stands at a whopping $257,910,000 USD inclusive of bonds, assets, and cash. Greatly adored by his employees, friends, and family, he is definitely one to look out for.